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The Basketball Factory Inc. is a premier youth basketball skill development program led by Kevin Houston, a highly decorated player and coach with a deep commitment to excellence. Our mission is to nurture young talent through skill development, simulated gameplay, and instilling strong values such as discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.



The Basketball Factory Inc. is one of the most prominent skill development companies in Northern New Jersey. Specializing in developing boys and girls from ages 8-19. We run a system much like a Division I Collegiate program. Players are developed over the course of years and years, not months. We advise parents to trust the process. Simply we provide a place where you can learn the proper fundamentals to become a better basketball player.


We Believe

One Team, One Factory” encapsulates our unified commitment to collective growth and success at The Basketball Factory Inc.. It reflects our belief that together, as a single, cohesive unit, we ascend to new heights, in both competition and personal development.


The core values of our program at The Basketball Factory Inc. are centered around dedication, respect, teamwork, personal growth, and competitive excellence. We are committed to fostering an environment where athletes can develop their skills, build character, and achieve their highest potential both on and off the court. These principles guide our approach to coaching, playing, and representing the spirit of basketball within our community.

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Our trainers have experience playing on the collegiate and/or professional level, which makes them competent and knowledgeable about how to play the game. Our trainers are passionate about basketball and their enthusiasm creates a great environment for our players. Not only do our trainers improve our players’ skills, they also increase their basketball IQ. Learning the game of basketball from the neck up is extremely important, but can be underrated. TBF offers an advantage by utilizing experienced trainers who are paid professionals. 


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When you are a part of TBF, you are a part of a family. TBF fosters a positive environment of teamwork and sportsmanship in every training session. Each player is treated with respect, no matter how long they have been with us. Our players have an advantage in competition because they have the skill set to compete against top competition. This is because of the strong foundation we have built with players, parents, and trainers. 

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Training is truly what makes players great. Unlike most training companies, we offer players one and a half hours of practice two to three times a week. Our training sessions allow players to work on their skills and add elements to their game. They allow players to learn aspects of the game in a way they cannot do on their own. Our trainers recognize the importance of training and they utilize the time to make sure all players improve. Because our core program curriculum is taught at each level and age, players have one uniform approach to the game. This allows them to reach their maximum potential as they build on their development each year they train with The Basketball Factory.

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The training environment at The Basketball Factory is different from other training companies. To ensure that players develop the proper skills and habits, we emphasize skill development through game like situations, drills, and individual work. We know that the most effective way to improve your skills is through reps. At The Basketball Factory, players receive over 15 hours of individualized training per month. That’s more than most college basketball players receive at their schools! After recognizing the shortcomings of most training programs, we decided to create a company that would allow our players to maximize their court time. 

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We are not your typical basketball organization. We don’t just build teams, we create a culture that creates success on and off the court through hard work, attitude, perseverance, and teamwork. We have amazing, committed parents that are immensely proud of their player’s contributions to The Basketball Factory program. This mindset fostered by a strong group of players, trainers, and parents has led The Basketball Factory to be one of the best training programs in New Jersey.

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TBF provides many opportunities for exposure to college recruitment that most training companies cannot offer. Rise as One as a sister company aids in this process by providing a recruiting guide. This guide offers a step-by-step outline of the recruiting process and what to do. It also explains the rules of the NCAA for Division I, II, and III. This is done in hopes of making this process easier for players and parents as they navigate through the NCAA basketball guidelines.



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